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Featured Author Interview: Kate Lloyd

Kate Lloyd is a novelist, a mother of two sons, and a passionate observer of human relationships.

A native of Baltimore, Kate spends time with family and friends in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the inspiration for her Legacy of Lancaster series. She is a member of the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society.

Kate and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest, the setting for Kate's first novel, A Portrait of Marguerite. Kate studied painting and sculpture in college. She has worked a variety of jobs, including car salesman and restaurateur.

The following is an August 2013 interview with Kate.


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Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a happily married woman with two grown sons and two darling grandkids, both under the age of four. My only jobs are writing, keeping house, and gardening. I tend to put off chores, but fortunately my husband is very supportive and loved reading Pennsylvania Patchwork.

How did you become a novelist, and did you always want to write?
Many years ago, I typed a romance novel on an old fashioned typewriter. But I got distracted with life and didn’t finish it. In the meantime, I made up stories, songs, and poems for my kids, but didn't start writing in earnest until a decade ago.

What do you think is significant about Christian fiction?

Many people who would not ordinarily read Christian non-fiction or the Bible might read a Christian novel and learn about the Lord through the characters and storyline. I sometimes read general market fiction and find that even when the writing is of good quality, I’m most often disappointed with the story and its lack of resolution. Plus, I cringe when the Lord's name is taken in vain.

How do you hope your readers react to the stories you write?

I know how good I feel when I read a good piece of literature: I'm entertained, intrigued, and my mind ponders the plot and characters. I hope this is how my readers feel after finishing one of my novels. I should add that I want my novels to be available to Christian and non-Christian readers. No preaching allowed.

What responses to your novels have affected you the most and why?

When a reader says they loved my story and characters I am filled with elation and gratitude. I hate to admit this, but sometimes negative responses also affect me, which I know is plain old silly and not realistic. Guess I have a critic perched on my shoulder that I for the most part ignore.

How has being a novelist impacted your relationship with Christ?

He and I hang out together all day. A lot of prayer goes into my writing. Plus, I belong to a critique group of committed Christians. The first 30 minutes of our weekly meetings, we pray, often about our writing projects.

Other than writing great novels, what other goals do you have for your life?
To run the good race.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

What's that? (ha, ha) For enjoyment, other than writing, I walk, garden, beachcomb, and spend time with family and friends. I'm not much of a shopper. In fact, I seem to suffer from shop-a-phobia.

What can you tell us about your latest novels?

My most recent novel, Pennsylvania Patchwork (Leaving Lancaster’s sequel), is on the CBA and ECPA Bestsellers Fiction List for July, and also on CBA’s August’s Bestsellers Fiction List. Very exciting! I'm working on the third novel of the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy, Forever Amish. Having fun, fun, fun!

Pennsylvania Patchwork


Seattle native Holly Fisher is smitten by Lancaster County, its simplicity and her long lost relatives. In the sequel to bestselling Leaving Lancaster, Holly embraces the Amish culture, learning to slow down to see what  - and who – really matters.

Meeting the family that her mother had kept hidden from her, Holly comes face to face with her real life and blood legacy. She also falls for the charming Zach, a handsome Mennonite veterinarian who is everything she’s ever wanted in a husband: confident, kind, successful, and authentic. And Zach proposes marriage. Is this too soon? Is this the right choice?

Mother and Amish grandmother think she’s rushing into too much of a lifestyle change. Holly is in love with Zach and that precludes everything. Until she meets an attractive Amish man. And an old suitor shows up.

Pennyslvania Patchwork is the moving, richly told story of one woman’s heart, her faith and trust, and the choices she makes. Never easy, but one choice can change your destiny.

Leaving Lancaster (Legacy of Lancaster #1)
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Pennsylvania Patchwork (Legacy of Lancaster #2)
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What stories can your fans expect from you in the days ahead?

My next novel Forever Amish will release June 2014. I hate to wait that long, but in the meantime I will be editing and rewriting.

What would you like to say to your fans in New Zealand, and others worldwide?
I am delighted to have fans from across the world, including spectacularly beautiful New Zealand.

Do you have any parting words?

Thank you for having me on your blog, and a huge thank you to every reader! I love hearing from readers and can be reached by email, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Be in to win a set of Leaving Lancaster and Pennsylvania Patchwork
Contest open to entrants worldwide.
Contest runs from 5-11 August NZDT

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